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Oral Microscopy

Microbial analysis

Accurately diagnosing problems with your breath or gums is essential for effectively treating them.

Proper diagnosis involves identifying the types and amounts of bacteria present in the mouth. This enables dental professionals to determine if you are at risk for or have an oral infection. It also provides information that's helpful in determining the best treatment if you do have an infection.

The OraVital® System offers highly accurate, simple and affordable oral microbial analyses. Here's how it works. A dental professional swabs your teeth and tongue to capture samples of biofilm (the community of bacteria that live in the mouth) and places them on separate sections of a glass slide. The slide is sent to the OraVital microbiology lab to be examined for the types and amount of bacteria as well as yeast, parasites and white blood cells, which can indicate the presence of oral infections.

After viewing the samples, the lab's trained microbiologists send a detailed report to your dental office. The report includes information about the types and amount of microorganisms. The dental professional uses this report to select the most effective treatment to restore the balance of healthy microorganisms in your mouth.

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Before OraVital Treatment
Before OraVital® Treatment

After OraVital Treatment
After OraVital® Treatment