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The OraVital System

OraVital® Antibiotic and Antiseptic Rinses

If your gums show early signs of gum disease and proper oral care is not helping, you may need a stronger mouthwash than the national brands you can buy yourself at the drugstore. Your dental professional may prescribe an antiseptic or an antibiotic rinse to reduce or eliminate symptoms.

OraVital® Antiseptic Rinses - Mouthwashes that contain antiseptics, sodium chlorite or essential oils slow the growth of certain types of harmful bacteria and can reduce inflammation in your gums. For some people, antiseptic rinses prescribed by a dental professional can reduce symptoms by about 40%.

OraVital® Antibiotic Rinses - For many people, however, the bacteria that cause gum disease are not killed by antiseptic mouthwashes - neither national brands nor prescriptions. In these cases a dentist may prescribe a customized antibiotic rinse that is targeted to destroying the specific harmful bacteria in your mouth. These rinses can reduce both mild to moderate gum disease and halitosis by about 85%.

OraVital® Antiseptic Rinses

You can use antiseptic mouthwashes as part of your daily oral care to keep your gums healthy and your breath fresh. Brush your gums and teeth, then rinse with one of the products below.

OraVital® CDLx contains sodium chlorite, which reduces the number of anaerobic bacteria and the mouth odours that these bacteria produce. This rinse is available in two forms: regular mint flavour, or non-flavoured and non-coloured. As an additional benefit, Xylitol, which is used as a sweetening agent in CDLx, helps to prevent tooth decay.

OraVital® CPCx contains cetylpyridinium chloride, which helps to reduce a wide range of bacteria that cause both tooth decay and gum disease. This rinse also contains Xylitol, a 100% natural sweetening agent that also reduces tooth decay-causing bacteria.

SmartMouth™: This rinse is available in Fresh Mint and Fresh Cinnamon flavours, and is helpful for many people with breath odour problems. Just before you rinse, you combine two liquids from separate bottles. This produces a zinc ion that stops bacteria from breaking down proteins in your gums and producing smelly gases. The rinse prevents bad breath from coming back for up to 12 hours. Using SmartMouth™ toothpaste provides additional protection from these bacteria. For added convenience, SmartMouth also has mints and gum that you can use as an "on-the-spot" refresher.

You can purchase OraVital® and SmartMouth™ antiseptic rinses from your OraVital® Certified dental clinic or from www.FreshBreath.ca.

OraVital® Antibiotic Rinses

Periodontal disease or gum disease has spread to more than half of the population in North America. If your gums bleed when you brush or floss, than you may have the beginning of gum disease. Another symptom of this infection is bad breath and bad taste. OraVital® antibiotic rinses are specially prepared to treat all of these problems - gum disease, bad breath and bad taste.

The antibiotic in the rinses destroys many harmful bacteria that cause these infections. When you rinse and gargle for a few seconds, the rinse coats the tongue, the throat and the teeth where bacteria like to hide. These antibiotic rinses are used for two weeks to help heal your gums and can reduce bleeding gums by as much as 87% and bad breath by 80%. If you have any of these symptoms, ask your dentist about OraVital® antibiotic rinses. They are easy to use - you just "swish and spit."

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