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    OraVital is a complete professional solution for the successful treatment of gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis), halitosis (persistent bad breath and/or taste), implantitis, and most other oral infections.

    The OraVital System is designed to be seamlessly incorporated into any dental, hygiene, or medical office protocol. The system includes easy-to-learn testing protocols, in-house lab analysis and diagnosis, individualised treatment solutions using clinically-proven proprietary products, multi-tiered wellness coaching and expert international support.

    Achieve accuracy in diagnosing oral infections with your choice of microbial or DNA analysis of the oral cavity.

    Provide your patients with predictably successful, non-invasive and painless state-of-the-art treatment. Decrease the instance of periodontal disease and halitosis within your practice.

    Balance the oral biofilm. A stable oral ecosystem will result in healthy gingival and periodontal tissues. This will ensure success for implants, crowns, bridges and other high end restorative work.

    Restore your patients’ oral and general health. Prevent potential microbial systemic invasion. The information linking oral to systemic health is increasingly conclusive.

    Patient satisfaction leads to increased patient loyalty and confidence in your practice.

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