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If you’re looking for invaluable dental industry insider perspectives on how to elevate your level of patient care and how to build a profitable, oral medicine-focused practice, look no further than these key opinion leaders. You won’t want to miss any of these free, thought-provoking webinars with live KOL Access Q&A. (But if you did, all past KOL webinars are now available as CE On Demand!)

Charles Whitney MD

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“Inspiring Community Dental-Medical Collaboration”

Charles Whitney, MD

Who better to kick off this oral medicine-focused webinar series than America’s leading medical advocate for bridging the oral-systemic gap?

Webinar Description: Enlightened dental professionals who recognize the impact that oral disease has on systemic disease must be invited to the integrated model of medicine. They must collaborate with their fellow health professionals including physicians in order to truly elevate our society’s standard of healthcare.

Unfortunately, the efforts of dental professionals to engage with physicians on behalf of their common patients are often met with respectful inaction and resistance. How can this be changed?

This webinar will provide members with the entire dental team with a practicing physician’s insight into the medical mind set and valuable tips on how to successfully break down the walls between medicine and dentistry. The end result: The co-management of patients to prevent disease, improve existing medical conditions achieve a higher level of overall health and enjoy longer “health spans”.

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Debbie Z

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“The Oral Cancer Continuum: Prevention, Detection & Oral Care for the Cancer Patient”

Debbie Zafiropoulis, RDH

“Debbie Z” is on a mission to educate the masses on the prevention, screening and early detection of oral cancer in order to reduce mortality rates.

Webinar Description: During this accelerated session, Debbie will review the need for comprehensive oral screenings for all patients, and how the definition of patients “at risk” for oral cancer has changed in recent years.

Debbie will also help the entire dental team overcome the fear of discussing oral abnormalities with their patients using for proven principles and will review the benefits of integrating a variety of adjunctive technologies for screening every patient for oral abnormalities preventively vs. finding late stage oral cancer.

In the case of patients who have been diagnosed with oral cancer and undergone surgery, Debbie will share her systems of integrating oral care protocols and products that can promote healing, prevent infection and improve quality of life.

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John & Karen Comisi

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“Teach Your Patients Well: The Patient and Oral Health Professional Partnership”

John C. Comisi, DDS, MAGD & Karen L. Comisi, CDA, RDA, FADAA

Presented by one of dentistry’s leading power couples who work side by side in their aptly named practice, “Dental Care With a Difference.”

Webinar Description: Are your patients frustrated? Frustrated because they are told they are not “brushing and flossing” well enough. Is that perhaps because they are being “told” to do it rather than shown how to do it?

The concept of oral management varies from individual to individual and is dependent upon what we are taught or perceive during our lifetime. For some the process is very easy and comes naturally, while for others it is a constant struggle because picturing the end result may not be so clear.

Our job as dental professionals is to provide the needed tools and directions to our patients so that they can succeed in the removal of the biofilm that creates oral disease. Without knowledge, there will not be healing.

This webinar will discuss the various discoveries in helping patients manage their oral health, and include the “trials and tribulations” experienced over the years of care for numerous patients.

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Angie Stone, RDH

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“Dying From Dirty Teeth: The Need for Geriatric Oral Care”

Angie Stone, RDH, BSc

Angie is the author of the Amazon Best Seller “Dying From Dirty Teeth” and the founder of HyLife, LLC, a compassionate network of dental hygienists who provide oral care to dependent elders.

Webinar Description: As our population continues to age and more and more people become dependent on nursing home care, the problem of poor oral health is growing quickly. And it turns out that teaching care providers to brush and floss their clients’ teeth is not really the best answer.

Something needs to be done to stop this epidemic and the needless suffering of our elders. This webinar addresses oral care issues facing dependent adults, with a focus on nursing home residents and their primary care givers, namely nursing assistants and nurses.

This course will get attendees energized about caring for this population. Come hear about opportunities to help this population and feel the excitement! Especially appropriate for dentists, hygienists and dental assistants.

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