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If you’re looking for invaluable dental industry insider perspectives on how to elevate your level of patient care and how to build a profitable, oral medicine-focused practice, look no further than these key opinion leaders.

Charles Whitney MD

“Inspiring Community Dental-Medical Collaboration”

Charles Whitney, MD

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Who better to kick off this oral medicine-focused webinar series than America’s leading medical advocate for bridging the oral-systemic gap?

Webinar Description: Enlightened dental professionals who recognize the impact that oral disease has on systemic disease must be invited to the integrated model of medicine. They must collaborate with their fellow health professionals including physicians in order to truly elevate our society’s standard of healthcare.

Unfortunately, the efforts of dental professionals to engage with physicians on behalf of their common patients are often met with respectful inaction and resistance. How can this be changed?

This webinar will provide members with the entire dental team with a practicing physician’s insight into the medical mind set and valuable tips on how to successfully break down the walls between medicine and dentistry. The end result: The co-management of patients to prevent disease, improve existing medical conditions achieve a higher level of overall health and enjoy longer “health spans”.

To qualify for a CE certificate for this webinar (1 hour CE credit), watch the complete webinar, fill out the questionnaire and score 80% or higher on the CE Quiz. Successful submissions will receive a certificate by email.

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Charles Whitney MD

Dr. Charles Whitney is a practicing family physician who understands the critical need for collaborative healthcare, and has discerned the vast cultural differences between medicine and dentistry. In order to break through into the physician world, dental professionals must speak their language, and show them the personal value of collaboration. In other words, what’s in it for the physician?

He has written and lectured extensively on this topic and is nationally recognized as one of the strongest medical advocates for bridging the oral-systemic gap. Dr. Whitney has developed an effective approach that will open the door to communication and mutual referrals that will transform your dental practice and ultimately, the health of your community. Dr. Whitney has formalized this concept and offers in-depth communications tools and training under his dental-medical collaboration platform, 3rd Era Dentistry.