OraVitalĀ® Webinar Replay: Stop Gum Disease in 4 Weeks!


Achieve accuracy in diagnosing oral infections such as periodontal diseases and halitosis through the use of microbial analysis of the oral cavity.

Provide your patients with highly successful, non-invasive and painless state-of-the-art treatment. Decrease the instance of periodontal disease and halitosis within your practice.

Balance the oral biofilm. A stable oral ecosystem will result in healthy gingival and periodontal tissues. This will ensure success for implants, crowns, bridges and other high end restorative work.

Restore your clients’ oral health. Prevent potential microbial systemic invasion. The information linking oral to systemic health is very compelling.

Your patients will experience increased health and quality of life through:

– Improved gingival health and fresh breath

– Decreased risk of systemic infections due to oral infection

– Better understanding of oral home care and nutritional wellness

Patient satisfaction leads to increased patient loyalty and confidence in your practice.